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At Learnology, we know how stressful it can be to study for exams‚ÄĒeverything seems to be at stake! That is why we go the extra mile to prepare our students. Learnology offers in-depth interactive exam prep courses, complete with comprehensive note packages, practice questions with solutions, and extra resources to help students prepare. Additionally, we provide tips and strategies for tackling any exam.¬†

Ultimately, we want students to feel relaxed and confident when they walk into their exams so they can achieve their highest grade possible.

Each exam prep classes includes:

  • Small class sizes.
  • Focused learning. environment.
  • Professional Instructor.¬†
  • Detailed 8-10 hours of instruction (subject dependant).
  • Comprehensive note packages on all topics.
  • Over 200¬†exam practice questions with solutions for each class.
  • Links¬†to extra resources.
  • Test taking techniques tailored to the subject at hand.

Bonus inclusion:

 If students have questions throughout the week when they are not in session, they have the option to email, or text us. We always answer their questions within 24 hours. This is a bonus service we offer with the course to help support the students throughout their exam preparation process.

Extra Bonus: 

For students who sign up early we offer a specialized exam learning lab that includes strategies for test anxiety, exam techniques, study and learning skills, testing methods and time management.


Courses Offered:

Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12


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