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Social Studies goes beyond memorizing important dates and historical events; it is a subject that is dynamic and applicable to everyday life. We commit to making social studies fun, interesting, and memorable for each student, no matter their learning style.

We Offer Many Tutoring Options

Kindergarten to Grade 9

At the elementary and junior high levels, we help students become aware of the world around them. We want to see students explore other cultures and communities, ask questions, and connect with their society. When a student develops an interest in their community, we believe the world changes for the better.

Topics include:

High School

At a more advanced level, students begin to develop a deeper understanding of culture, politics, and economics by learning about key historical events. Through practical and engaging learning plans, we encourage students to stay up-to-date with current events and examine key values of different societies so they can become active and responsible citizens.

Topics include:

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