As fascinating as Science is, it can also be another challenging subject for many students. However, at Learnology, we show students how interesting and lively science can actually be. Through a personalized approach to learning, we help students develop their understanding and build their knowledge of science in interactive and practical ways.

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Kindergarten to Grade 9

In elementary and junior high school, science is all about hypothesizing different situations and exploring the unknown. Our focus is to make science fun for students and inspire them to ask “Why?”. In asking this question, students will develop their scientific curiosity and be encouraged to think of other possibilities.

Topics include:

High School

As students progress into higher grades, science topics become more complex and specialized, branching into three main areas of study: biology, chemistry, and physics. At this point, the goal is to enable students to develop a deeper understanding behind the “why” and “how” things happen. Through a customized and comprehensive approach to learning these specific subjects, Learnology seeks to increase students’ scientific abilities.

Topics include:

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