It is always useful to learn a second language because we live in a world where everything is interconnected. Second languages open the door to more career opportunities, foster communication between cultures, and increase academic performance in other areas.

In addition to offering tutoring for core subjects, we are also pleased to offer high-quality tutoring in French.

We Offer Many Tutoring Options

Kindergarten to Grade 9

When learning a new language, we always start with the basics to avoid overwhelming and discouraging students from practicing the new language. That is why we make it our goal to introduce them to French in a fun and practical way. Starting with the alphabet, we teach the basics of the language and build from there. We want students to feel comfortable when they speak French and encourage them to use it wherever and whenever they can.

Topics include:

High School

As students advance in French, we aim to help them refine their communication skills through expressing their ideas in written and oral form. Achieving fluency in a second language requires constant application. At Learnology, we help students continue progressing in French and empower them to use the language frequently.

Topics include:

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