English is a foundational part of learning because it provides the building blocks of how to understand and communicate with others effectively. At Learnology, our goal is to strengthen each student’s writing, reading, and comprehension skills by creating personalized learning plans.

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Kindergarten to Grade 9

From a young age, I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with students and helping them become the leaders of tomorrow. Throughout my many years of learning and working with various students, I recognized a gap between the way they learn and the educational system. I decided to provide a solution by establishing Learnology, a tutoring company that creates and provides highly-individualised learning plans. 

My goal is to prepare, mentor, and equip each student with necessary learning tools so they can be successful in their future endeavors. 


Topics include:

High School

Once the basic principles are established, a student can continue building and refining their English skill sets. We view effective communication as an art form. Ultimately, we want to encourage students to become strong and efficient communicators so they can succeed in school and their future careers.

Topics include:

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