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Hi, I am Stephanie, the original
Academic Superhero!

The Story Behind Learnology

From a young age, I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge with students and helping them become the leaders of tomorrow. Throughout my many years of learning and working with various students, I recognized a gap between the way they learn and the educational system. I decided to provide a solution by establishing Learnology, a tutoring company that creates and provides highly-individualised learning plans. 

My goal is to prepare, mentor, and equip each student with necessary learning tools so they can be successful in their future endeavors. 


The Learnology Method

At Learnology, we embody a holistic approach to tutoring our students using a distinct 3-pillar approach to learning:

Profiling allows us to uncover the roadblocks preventing the student from reaching their full potential. We begin the process by taking a “knowledge snapshot” of the student’s current academic level and we assess how the student learns best. Then, we create an individualized learning plan for the student and set goals in alignment with the student’s expectations.

Next, we provide the “missing links.” In this part of the learning journey, we reinforce essential skills, and key concepts of their curriculum. We believe each student is unique, and as a result, we adapt our teaching methods to the way the student learns best.

The last pillar is to propel the student into academic success. At this stage, the student is primed for learning by having the core concepts taught to them in advance. Ultimately, this allows the student to have deeper understanding and increased confidence in the classroom.

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